Handheld code printeris a first-of-its-kind color inkjet printer for smartphones. Go paperless. Go truly mobile. Save the planet.

Our printer has been called by the press for a “Magic Wand for printing” and it is now in pilot production after many years of development.

The product features PrintDreams’ RMPT™ technology which puts portable printing capability at the fingertips of smartphone users around the world. The imprints come out directly upon any type of surface with the wave of the hand.

The Handheld code printer is a wireless full color inkjet printer that weighs about the same as an average smartphone but can print larger imprints than its own size.

This new versatile device will change the way we think about printing because, for the first time, it is now possible to print anything in full color anywhere, on almost any surface.

The imprints are made simply by using a sweeping action, just swapping the printer’s direction from left to right or right to left, directly on any surface, be it paper, cardboard, fabrics, wood, etc.

Ordinary printer technology is heavily limited fousage by the fact that printout size is directly linked to device width. RMPT overcomes this limitation by allowing printing larger printout sizes with smaller hardware. 

Another advantage is the ability to print directly onto a wide variety of surfaces with varying thickness. Mobile users can therefore pick up any paper or material available and use it as print media. This advantage opens up application areas far beyond mobile printing.

We have been working with RMPT since year 2000 and are the pioneers of this game-changing technology.   In the early years of development, we could proof that letter-size printing is possible with RMPT: 

It is important to highlight that the PrintBrush XDR can NOT print letter-size but it is a step closer to the goal and the Kickstarter community can make the difference.

The PrintBrush XDR can print up to three swaths with a small gap in between them. It is an excellent choice for printing pieces of text and graphics in full color but not quite recommended for photos.

PrintBrush XDR is one of the first devices featuring RMPT technology. RMPT is the only viable technology path to build truly portable printing devices.

Using advanced software instead of hardware, RMPT opens up for miniature sizes, mechanical simplicity and lack of electrical motors, thus making it an excellent choice for the environment:

 Thanks to the miniature size of the printer, we were able to create a very compact and light packaging. In the packaging of an ordinary desktop printer, we would be able to squeeze more than 55 packaging boxes of our printer.

Considering that over 100 million desktop printers are being manufactured every year, then our technology has the potential to save hundreds of millions of tons of steel and plastic plus huge amounts of energy during manufacturing and usage. Maybe even a few trees since you can go paperless and start printing on re-usable substrates such as whiteboards! 

As the user slides the Handheld code printer across a surface, an optical sensor tracks the velocity and direction of the printer relative to the surface. A controller matches the interrupts to the relevant columns of the imprint image. 

Thanks to built-in sensors and intelligent software, the imprint will always be correct independently of the direction or the speed of a user’s hand movement. You can go as slow or as fast as you want. You can even stop in the middle of the printout, the Handheld code printer delivers accurate and reliable results.

Exploded view of the Handheld code printer

The selection of the content to be printed is done through a control App in a smartphone, tablet or a laptop. When selection is ready, just push a print button (single- or multiple imprints) on the control App and then move the printer from left to right or right to left over the substrate to be printed.

The device can work as a stand-alone, untethered device if images have been previously uploaded to it. The device is WiFi- enabled and has an USB interface as backup for data connectivity.  


 A big amount of attention has been vested into the industrial design of the Handheld code printer. Following the Swedish tradition of a minimalist and simplistic design, we eliminated -from the very beginning- the idea of having any disturbing elements. 

The idea was to create a design that perfectly fit into the palm of the hand. The industrial design defined the sizes of all the internal components. It was a huge challenge, but we are proud to have achieved our goal.

The device is being manufactured in two colors: Black and white but we will be offering many customization possibilities through the exchangeable cover.


We have devoted an incredible amount of test time an effort. We have printed millions of imprints with our pilot units to make sure that they have the highest possible reliability and quality.

We have even built special machines to carry out automated testing: 

PrintBrush XDR automated test equipment
PrintBrush XDR automated test equipment


Several hundred units of the PrintBrush XDR have already been manufactured in pilot production runs. It means that we have all the production tooling ready. The component supply chain has been secured. Purchase orders for mass production have been given and components are now in stock or in their way into the factory. 

You as a backer can feel the assurance that you will be getting your reward on-time.


Because we are able to ship more than 500 units in a single pallet, we will be bulk shipping to major geographies (North America and Europe) so that our backers won't have to worry about custom fees in those regions. Shipping costs are part of our offer to our backers and we are including them in the price of our rewards.

If we have everything ready for mass production, then you must wonder why we choose Kickstarter to promote our product? The simple and straight answer is that we need the feedback and opinion of the Kickstarter community. As a very novel product, the Handheld code printer might still have things that can be improved. Despite our extensive testing, we know that there might still be few bugs in our firmware and software. We need help to find them and correct them before we do a world-wide launch of the product.

We also want to strongly engage the community to help us reach to our ultimate goal of developing and industrializing our product concept PrintBrush A4, which is the one that can print letter-size documents and the one that can really challenge and replace to certain extent, ordinary desktop printers.

PrintDreams has developed several apps to demonstrate the Handheld code printer flexibility. A beta release of a demo app is already available for free download on Google Play. Feel free to download it herePrintDreams is inviting app vendors to integrate direct printing capabilities into their apps now that the Handheld code printer is making on-the-go printing truly mobile.

This is how the box of the Handheld code printer looks like when you receive it:

When you unpack the box, you will find the printer unit, a pouch with an inkjet cartridge, a 15V power adapter with a plug suitable for your country and a Quick Setup Guide:

Handheld code printer -items found inside the box

It takes less than one minute to make your first imprint:

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Handheld code printer

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